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Certificates of Analysis

On this page you can locate the Certificate Of Analysis (COA) connected with the hemp extract in your product. Each COA reflects the potency of different cannabinoids in each extract and the product purity. 
To find the COA connected to your product, simply locate the "made on" date listed on your product label, then click on the corresponding on product name and "made on" date listed below. All products are listed alphabetically below by product name.


Balancing Serum - Made On: 

Coffee Olive Oil Compound - Made On: 01-09-2021

Elder-Boost Syrup - Made On:

Goddess Oil - Made On: 12-01-2020

Hemp Forest - Made On: 01-09-2021

Hemp Silk - Made On: 01-09-2021

Juniper Joint Rub - Made On: 12-16-2020

Lip Balm - Made On: 04-03-2020

Man Serum & Beard Oil - Made On: 12-16-2020

Nourishing Serum - Made On: 10-01-2020

Orange Hemp Oil Compound - Made On: 11-03-2020

Plain Olive Oil Compound - Made On: 12-16-2020

Restore - Made On: 01-06-2021

Rose Eye Balm - Made On: 09-23-2020

Save Yo Self Syrup - Made On: 11-01-2020

Sensitive Serum - Made On: 01-08-2020

Settle Salve - Made On: 11-30-2020

Spearmint Hemp Oil Compound - Made On: 10-01-2020

Women's Moon Balm - Made On: 10-01-2020